IQ Technologies Inc is proud to present a compilation of informational and technical papers on the Intensiquench® process. View the preface and table of contents in Acrobat reader . Papers are available by request for no cost except S&H.

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Water quenching that works!

Intensive Quenching Workshop

Fifty-seven people attended a one-day “Intensive Water Quenching Workshop” on April 24th, 2013, in Cleveland, Ohio, sponsored by IQ Technologies Inc (IQT), and two of its Licensees, Akron Steel Treating Company and Euclid Heat Treating Company. Among the attendees were 6 engineers from Korea and 13 engineers from Japan, hosted by Dr. Takeshi Naito, the IQT Representative for Asia. The attendees learned more about the application of the IntensiQuench® process -- a “green” alternative to oil and polymer quenching. (Read More)

IQ Technologies Inc is dedicated to enhancing the performance, environmental soundness, cost effectiveness, and safety of heat-treating processes.
Our prime mission is to commercialize our proprietary, intensive quenching processes for steel parts, known as IntensiQuench®, and to provide intelligent solution for your heat-treating problems.
The IQ Technologies "CAN DO" Team provides the following services to steel part designers and part makers:

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