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IntensiQuench® Licensees and Clients

IQ Technologies Inc clients include a number of major captive and commercial heat treating plants serving a variety of different industries, such as automotive, mining, heavy machinery, railroad, agriculture, construction, etc. All clients have common goals: to make their heat treating processes more cost efficient, more friendly to the environment, with no degradation of part quality or strength.

The following three commercial heat-treating companies license the IntensiQuench process from IQ Technologies Inc:

Three heat-treating equipment manufacturers obtained a license for building intensive quenching equipment:

  • AFC-Holcroft, Inc. of Wixom, Michigan, one of the largest heat-treating equipment manufacturers in the USA
  • HighTemp Furnace, Ltd. of Bangalore, India, a largest heat-treating equipment manufacturer in India
  • J.L. Becker Furnace Co. of Plymouth, Michigan



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