IQ Technologies Inc is proud to present a compilation of informational and technical papers on the Intensiquench® process. View the preface and table of contents in Acrobat reader . Papers are available by request for no cost except S&H.

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IntensiQuench® is extensively researched!

IntensiQuench® Know-How

The key element of the patented IntensiQuench® process is to interrupt "intensive" water cooling when the compressive stresses on the part's surface are at their maximum value. The IQ Technologies' "know how" includes software packages and real life data-bases for calculating the proper cooling recipes for various alloys and for parts of different shapes and types.

What can IQ Technologies Inc do for you?

Let us demonstrate how "green" IntensiQuench® processes can make your steel parts SupR-STRONG™.  Contact Joseph A. Powell, President, or Dr. Michael A, Aronov, CEO, for a "free trial" on your steel parts.








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