IQ Technologies Inc is proud to present a compilation of informational and technical papers on the Intensiquench® process. View the preface and table of contents in Acrobat reader . Papers are available by request for no cost except S&H.

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Proven Heat Treating Processes!

IntensiQuench® Process Proven Benefits:

  • Increases the depth of hardness.
  • Eliminates surface cracking.
  • Minimizes part distortion.
  • Achieves the same or better metallurgical properties while using lower alloy, less costly steel.
  • Provides an optimum combination of high surface compressive stress; high-strength, wear-resistant quenched layer; and relatively soft but properly strengthened core resulting in longer part life.
  • Uses less costly, environmentally friendly quenchant (usually plain water), instead of expensive, hazardous oil.
  • Shortens the duration, or fully eliminates, the carburizing cycle.
  • Achieves the greater productivity of the quenching equipment due to much faster cooling rate.


SupR-STRONG™ Parts vs. Oil Quenched Parts*

*Proven Improvement Data Validated by Lambda Labs, Proto, Inc., Deformation Control Technologies, Case Western Reserve University and Neutron Defraction by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Customers.



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